DiNoci listed in “10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of” on BestOfVegan.com

Lezlie Mitchell is an author and blogger and recently featured DiNoci Dairy-Free in her article “10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of.” 

Our mission at DiNoci has always been to create desserts that can be enjoyed by anyone. We accomplish this by using simple, clean ingredients to create flavors that taste amazing. We want our products to be the dairy-free dessert for anyone who may be craving a sweet treat after dinner or looking for something to fit specific dietary needs.

Sometimes we happen to fit both those categories, as is the case with Lezlie Mitchell and her husband Clarence. Lezlie is an author and blogger for the website bestofvegan.com, and recently featured DiNoci Dairy-Free in her article “10 New Vegan Products I Can’t Get Enough Of.” 

Here’s what she had to say about our dairy-free desserts:

“I’ve been searching for a great dairy-free ice cream that my husband Clarence can enjoy because he is sensitive to dairy in general. But, he loves ice cream, so you can imagine the dilemma. DiNoci claimed that their ice cream is so creamy and delicious that you won’t believe it’s dairy-free. I had the perfect candidate for them in Clarence and conducted a blind taste test for several flavors. The outcome? “They are all outstanding actually. Like I could stop buying normal ice cream with this brand. They got the texture right. And they all taste really good,” said Clarence. I also enjoyed them, as did Eleanor. You can taste for yourself by ordering directly from their website, www.dinoci.com as well as some local grocery stores that are listed on their website. “ 

Read the whole blog here! We’re so happy Clarence finally has a dessert that satisfies his sweet tooth and gives him a delicious alternative to dairy. We hope you’ll give us a try and enjoy a dairy-free frozen dessert too! Discover all of our wonderful flavors to find your favorite.

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