DiNoci isn’t just dessert—it’s the dessert for everyone.

When our founder Scott Emeson decided to adopt a plant-based diet, he was hoping to find foods that tasted great, while fitting into a clean eating lifestyle. Unfortunately, what he discovered were plant-based items full of unappetizing and unnatural gums and additives. He wanted foods that exploded with flavor and dazzled with texture, made from simple, clean ingredients. Over time, he decided he had only one option—make plant-based foods himself! 

Over 3 years, he learned that making great-tasting, all-natural foods isn’t just about eating clean. It’s also about creating a product that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their dietary preference or restrictions. After trying different recipes for snacks and treats, Scott discovered the one thing that everyone seemed to enjoy—dessert. 

And that’s where Scott found his calling. He started creating his dairy-free frozen dessert using almond milk. Scott experimented by adding mint, lemon, pure cocoa, and cherries to the almond milk to make a sweet treat with real ingredients, and none of the extra additives. He set the standard that every DiNoci product must have a velvety smooth texture and be just as scoopable as traditional ice cream. Most importantly, DiNoci Dairy-Free had to stick to the standards of being gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free, and gum-free. 

In the end, it became about the mission of making a dessert anyone can enjoy on a hot summer day, or after a big family meal. It became about that first bite, saying “I can’t believe this is dairy-free.” DiNoci Dairy-Free isn’t just about being a one-of-a-kind dessert, it’s about being a dessert that puts a smile on everyone’s face with every flavorful, velvety scoop.

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