About DiNoci Dairy Free

Our Mission

We’ve never been about checking a dairy-free box. Our delicious desserts are born from our desire to make great tasting plant-based foods that bring joy and happiness to all.

We strive to create premium, clean, plant-based, dairy-free desserts that taste delicious. We are on a mission to redefine expectations of what plant-based dessert should taste like, without using gums or additives. Our indulgent flavors, smooth texture, and the use of premium ingredients allows us to create the best dairy-free frozen dessert.

Our History

Founded in Boulder, Colorado, DiNoci (Di-No-Chee) Dairy Free is a friend & family-owned company on a mission to create the best tasting plant-based frozen dessert that everyone will love.

DiNoci Dairy Free was started long before following a plant-based diet or being vegan was as popular as it is today. Our Chief Ice Cream Officer, Scott Emeson, discovered that most plant-based foods in the marketplace were unappetizing and often filled with gums and additives. Scott wanted to maintain his healthy diet, but he still wanted his food to taste good—especially dessert.

Scott set off on a mission to create the perfect plant-based dessert that would taste amazing and scoop perfectly. Something everyone would love—regardless of their dietary preference. After years of experimenting, he nailed it, and DiNoci Dairy Free was born. Scott found that by using almond milk as his base, he was able to keep the flavor neutral, as opposed to coconut or many other flavor-forward bases. This allowed the true flavors to come through unblemished.

Our Story

We are a friend and family-owned and operated start up. Our journey started when our Co-Founder and CEO, Erik Rebich saw an opportunity to make an impact in the natural food industry with a dairy-free, plant-based ice cream that is unlike anything else. Erik knew the potential of bringing Scott’s creation to market and decided to lead the company which includes his wife, sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Our family has many dietary restrictions, including celiac disease, dairy and egg allergies, and lactose intolerance.

Creating a clean, delicious dessert everyone can enjoy together fuels our mission.